My Autism Comic

The “comic strip” below was written by Jordan A. Thomas, a 28 year old woman diagnosed with autism. She created this piece when she was 27. I thought it was so moving and enlightening, I wanted to share it with my readers. Here’s what she has to say about this “comic strip” she named My Autistic Comic.

“I have Autism and I am 27 years of age. There are many things in this world that confuse me. There are many things I cannot do. A lot of the time I feel very alone. A lot of the time I want to say things and share things with people but I can’t.

So today I decided to do a small comic book about some of the things I feel now and some of the things I felt as a child. I wrote it all myself. I drew all the pictures myself. The world will not change for me. I will never fit in and I will never be normal but if just one or two people can understand a bit more about Autism and then teach another one or two people then the world will get easier to live in.

So what I ask of you is to have a read of this then pass it on to someone else. Then that person passes it on and so does the next and the next till this comic is falling to bits from being read so much. Its not a chain letter nothing bad will happen to you if you do not pass this on but something good might come to those of us with Autism if you do.

Autism will always be strange and odd but if we can make it a little less strange then there is hope out there for us all.”

My Autism Comic

By letstalkautism

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