Different Roads to Learning

I simply love this company, they have provided me with many valuable resources throughout my career.  I wanted to share their “Pick of the Week” as I feel this system would be beneficial for individuals on the spectrum as well as their typically developing siblings.  Whenever incorporating a system of this nature within a household I truly believe it’s best to treat all children similarly, evern though the system may need to be modified to meet the unique needs of each child. 

Here’s a brief description of the OnTrack! Responsibility and Behavior System and a link to discover more.

“Start off the New Year on the right foot with this great tool to keep your family organized: the On Track! Responsibility & Behavior System. Establish clear expectations and logical consequences so that you can reduce the day-to-day arguments and chaos. The On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System incorporates household chores, daily to-do lists, money management, and behavioral issues into life lessons that teach organizational skills, accountability, and self-reliance. Targeted towards children ages 8 and up, the On Track! Responsibility and Behavior System is ideal for middle school-aged kids. Using the system will help instill independence in your child by establishing clear expectations and logical consequences. ”


By letstalkautism

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