Listed are websites that we feel provide reliable information regarding autism. This list is by no means comprehensive (or finished!), but the site links will take you to a wealth of resources and information to help you in your search for answers.

Autism Society of America: An excellent organization with chapters nationwide. Their website features many helpful resources.
Association for Behavior Analysis: A good resource on applied behavior analysis.
Autism resources: Huge variety of autism resources.
First Signs: Dedicated to the early identification and intervention of children with developmental delays and disorders.
AutismOne: Autism One is a nonprofit organization 501(3)(c) started by a small group of parents of children with autism to address three areas: education, advocacy, and fundraising.
National Autism Association: “The mission of the National Autism Association is to advocate, educate and empower.” Their goal is to raise public and professional awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and to empower those in the autism community to never give up in their search to help their loved ones reach their full potential.
Division TEACCH:A systematic approach to structured teaching designed by the University of North Carolina Department of Psychiatry. The St. Vincent’s Special Needs Autism Serives utilizes many components Structured Teaching. Their website features many helpful resources. The Autism File magazine is an online and print publication featuring the very best experts, authors and advisory committees from around the world producing informational resources to help parents and caregivers get the information they need.
The Autism Research Institute: A non-profit organization that was established in 1967. “ARI is primarily devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the causes of autism and on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood. We provide information based on research to parents and professionals throughout the world.”
Autism Action AAC is a national, non-partisan political action organization formed by parents in support of children with neurodevelopmental and communication disorders. We are dedicated to advancing public policy issues affecting our children, protecting their human and civil rights, educating the public and media, supporting candidates sharing our goals in state and federal elections and holding accountable those in government who do not act in the best interest of our children.
US Autism & Asperger Association: “The US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. (USAAA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization” whose “mission is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and their families/caregivers touched by autism spectrum disorders by providing educational and family support through conferences/seminars and published and electronic mediums.”
The Schafer Report: An excellent and free subscription newsletter that clips reports taken from major media sources. This is a MUST SEE for news in the autism community!

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